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Stallion Features (PDF)

Stephens Stallion

The stationary Stallion aggregate section is constructed of 1/4″ steel on sloping sides and 3/16” steel on vertical. The aggregate batcher is 12 yd. and the plant is standard with a 30” transfer conveyor. 36” belt and A/R or poly liners are available. The stallion series aggregate bins can go up to 200 ton max. For larger size aggregate bins please consider the Empire Series Heavy Duty Plant. All aggregate gates will have permanently lubricated gear gates with six (6) 3/4” gear teeth. All cylinders are 5” x 8” with coated shafts for extra protection.

The round Stallion Batching silo has a 14yd cement batcher and the silo can range between 374 BBL to 1069 BBL. We can do single or double compartments. Each Silo can be customized with different cement silo dust collectors, ladders, cages, and platforms. All silos will have a 3/6” cone, 1/4” domed top. Larger silos will have bottom rings constructed from 1/4” steel and all two compartment silos will have all the rings fabricated from 1/4” steel.

The Stallion series can be designed to work much like the Empire Series Round with smaller aggregate bins.

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