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Tensik Alpha Series TCMX300

Presenting Tensik's stellar stationary central mix plant TCMX300- a beacon of excellence designed to cater to the needs of your most substantial projects. Renowned for its superior performance and innovative features, this central mix station stands as a testament to their commitment to delivering top-tier solutions. With its exceptional durability and advanced technology, it is poised to elevate the efficiency and success of your large-scale ventures. Explore the capabilities of this Tensik stationary central mix plant, where quality and capacity converge for unmatched project support.

  • 4 to 8 Compartments 200 - 400 tons Aggregate storage
  • 12 Cubic Yard Aggregate Batcher CPMB rated 48” Belt / 60 H.P. Transfer truck Conveyor
  • 1200 BBL Split Cement Silo
  • 14 Cubic Yard Cement Batcher CPMB rated
  • 600 Gallons Weigth water
  • 30” x 120’ Feed Covered conveyors with a 12x12 hopper ( Radial options available)
  • Central dust Collector on discharge Point
  • Automatic Batch Controller Included
  • Walkaway around batcher and hoppers
  • 12 Yds Tensik Tilt Mixer TILTTECH 12
Key Features:
  • **Durability and Construction:**
  • Robust structure made of [material] to withstand adverse conditions.
  • Special coating for corrosion protection.
  • **Longevity:**
  • Designed for extended lifespan.
  • High-quality components to minimize wear and maintenance.

Monitoring Technology:
  • **Real-Time Monitoring System:**
  • Advanced technology for real-time plant condition monitoring.
  • Sensors for measuring for critical parameters.
  • **Fault Detection and Prevention:**
  • Early warning system to identify potential issues.
  • Predictive algorithms to prevent failures before they occur.
  • **Integration with Management Platforms:**
  • Capability to integrate with centralized management systems.
  • Remote access for monitoring and control from any location.

  • Preventive maintenance programs to ensure optimal performance.
  • Training provided for staff on regular maintenance.

  • Scale hoppers Bin weight capacity of 12 Yds yds . –3/16" plate on the vertical sides and 1/4" plate on the sloped sides.
  • (2) clamshell gate
  • (2) 5" x 8" air cylinders and an inching valve for greater control of material flow.
  • Proximity switch confirms the gate is closed.
  • (2) MVE Electric type vibrators Oli Brand,
  • 4 x 20K, NTEP certified, load cell system with a rated scale capacity Test weight hangers installed
  • Ar400 liners Bolted

1200 bbl single or Split Cement Silo Fluidizing Kit 8 aeration pads in silo cone - 12" Butterfly Valve or Slide gate depend on configuration, Single Flange, Cast Iron Disc Pneumatic Drive Actuator 1/2" 4 Way Double Solenoid Closed Port - Silo Level Sensor Indicator (High and Low) Pressure valve – Dust collector CW Dust Collector. Double 4 inch Fill pipe and structure support, Options Available

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