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Tensik Promobile 1

AGGREGATE - 12 CUBIC YARD AGGREGATE BATCHER: Scale hoppers Bin weight capacity of 12 Yds yds . –3/16” plate on the vertical sides and 1/4” plate on the sloped sides. * (2) clamshell gate * (2) 5” x 8” air cylinders and an inching valve for greater control of material flow. * Proximity switch confirms the gate is closed. (2) MVE type vibrators, • 4 x 20K, NTEP certified, load cell system with a rated scale capacity Rice Lake • Test weight hangers installed. AGGREGATE STORAGE CAPACITY OVERHEAD AGGREGATE STORAGE: 60 TON * Aggregate support HEAVY DUTY ¼ and 3/16 on the sloped * Three equal compartments with the upper section foldable for easy transportation (2 or 4 compartments options available) * 4” x 8” air cylinder and solenoid for each compartment. Mechanical linkage is used for the second gate. MVE Vibrator included AGGREGATE TRANSFER CONVEYOR - Belt width 30 in - Belt drive 15 H.P. TEFC 350 / F.P.M. – 650 T.P.H. drive motor with reducer and backstop 4 inch Idler roller and Return roller Cema B - Self Cleaning - Blade - Doge pillow block. 12 inch drum pulley and wing pulley - Skirt Boards Installed - Discharge head includes a water inlet, (5) admix ports. * Safety features include a head and tail pulley guard and safety trip switch with cable up one side of the charging conveyor. CEMENT STORAGE 60 TONS CEMENT SILO - Fluidizing Kit 8 aeration pads in silo cone - 10" Butterfly Valve or Slide gate depend on configuration, Single Flange, - Cast Iron Disc Pneumatic Drive Actuator 1/2" 4 Way Double Solenoid Closed - Port - Silo Level Sensor - Indicator (High and Low) - Pressure valve - Dust collector - WAM - Silotop Zero 264 sq ft filter surface - Pulse-jet air cleaning system 7 polypleat filter elements 99.99% filtration efficient Bottom mounting flange, Capacities are based on a cement weight of 74.0 lbs per - 2 Cement Transfer Screws. - Two 10 inch diameter screw conveyors, each powered by a 15 hp Motor Drive AIR SPECIFICATIONS: • 10 H.P. / 120-gallon air compressor with ¾” outlet – 20 HP UPGRADE AVAILABLE • A weather tight NEMA enclosure for Main plant solenoids. Each valve is equipped with a “Quick” cut off to allow the customer isolation of the individual valves for easy maintenance. • Air system complete from air compressor to all pneumatic equipment on the plant • 5hp Blower For Aeration All Solenoids Valves Parker or Mac Brand OPTIONAL - SELF ERECTED HYDRAULIC SYSTEM BATCHER CAPACITY Cement 5 Tons – Enough for a 12 yd batch Truck 10” butterfly discharge valve including pneumatic actuator and solenoid for material flow control. Proximity switch confirms the gate is in closed position. Complete aeration system with full size pads,. • MVE vibrator is mounted • includes (4) S-beam style load cells and summing box. WATER SYSTEM Water meter (turbine type) 3 in Badger Meter with electronic scalable transmitter and pulse head 3” turbine type water meter. * 3” water strainer. * 3” butterfly discharge valve with pneumatic actuator and solenoid valve.. * Complete piping to discharge head 10 hp Water PUMP ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 200 amp Panel 480 volt Enclosed box Motor Starter For all Motors The main disconnect and motor starters are wired to each motor. All equipment is wired and tested prior to shipment. JONEL – COMMAND ALKON – BACHTRON – RHINO Optional batch controller quote separately.

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